There are…

…forty Scum living in my area.

This Ward : Headingley Ward

Electorate : 12644

Turnout : 19.69%

Surname Forename Votes %Votes Elected Partyname
HANSARD LAWRENCE 40 1.61 British National Party

From the LCC website.

Ok, so it’s only 1.6%. Though overall I think that democracy is a pretty flawed system, it’s what we have. Sadly, at least on a local level, I think it’s time to start putting votes in. As I did, for once.

This turnout of less than 20% is sadly endemic of the area. No one cares. From the political ranting I’ve heard round campus, I refuse to believe that students are so politically inactive. And in any case, Headingley is still about 40% non-student.

God, I can’t believe I’m writing about voter apathy when I mainly agree with Chomsky’s analysis of what democracy actually means.

And not that I condone violence, other than as a last resort (some point I’ll write on my views on antifascism and  last resorts) but I wonder where they live…


Yummy Tummies

Ended up watching that How to Look Good Naked thing last night…

This concerned me a little. The girl concerned had quite a sexy body (particularly the boobs), though it took the whole program for him to do something about the lank hair, and the vacuous tone of voice is probably beyond hope…

Anyway, what concerned me was this…

He spent the whole program telling her she had a yummy tummy, (this being the issue she was worried about), and we see shots of her buying sexy undies (good effort, ‘cos the ones she showed up in were fairly dire), yet half the time he is sculpting her clothes-sense he has her trussed up in some kind of flesh covered girdle. I mean this is not Bridget Jones and her “hello mummy” pants. OK I like curves and it would take quite a size of tummy to put me off someone when I saw them naked. But if I undressed someone and found them strapped up like a burns victim I’d run a fucking mile.

So much of fashion for “larger ladies”, at least in stupid programs like this seems to be hiding their shape and trying to look as skinny as the rest of them. Bah, I say.

Old men of St George

Morley, it seems is Britain’s most patriotic town.

I wonder where else will rise to the challenge set of beating this? Burnley? Blackburn?

It is interesting how “patriotism” and a high BNP presence go hand in hand…


So the government seems that it may have accepted the problems of studentification

Though it’s unclear what they plan to do about it. I think it’s very unlikely they can. I’ll be watching this one.

Of course this article doesn’t quite get the fact that actually the ghost-town of the holidays is less of a problem, though some plainly anti-local students might seem to disagree. The holidays is when we get some peace and quiet, I can enjoy sitting on my doorstep without the 5 cars the girls next door have clogging up the road, I’m not woken up every fucking night, and the streets are relatively free of vomit and discarded knickers.