Lee6s F*ckhe@d C!ty – What’s all this then?

Lee6s F*ckhe@d C!ty

I am the archetypal gobby undergraduate who gets Firsts and likes to show off. I am ludicrously opinionated, particularly when I can apply sociology to the shit-tip of a slum that I have been in love with for the last 15 years.

This is an excuse to moan about the idiocy of much of the human race in a way I can’t do in my essays.

Yep, that’s it really…

P.S. If you search for “charlotte church boobs” or such like you will probably find this site ‘cos I discuss people like you lol… Enjoy the site, but you won’t find any boob pics…



  1. Have a nice day !

  2. what, no charlotte church boob pics? GTFO

    • Well, we know what you’ve been googling for you perv!

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