Leeds Biggest Wets…

Ahh.. The joys of summer. Waterfights, fun ain’t they… Except this one, it seems, was a bit of a fuck up.

Ok, I will expect that the thousands of pounds worth of damage might be an exaggeration, though lots of people don’t really get that mature plants don’t appear from no-where, and that pumping fountains full of foam might just fuck up the soil…

To be honest I’m slightly ambivalent about the damage to public property business, I mean I don’t like Leeds to look like a shit-hole, but Millennium Square is kind of “pretty” anyway, unlike much of Hyde Park, the difference being that Millennium Square brings in tourists, and hence money, and so gets more money spent on making it nice. Anyway…

…what I don’t quite understand is the naivety and down right selfish stupidity of some of the babies whining of facebook…

Don’t get me wrong. I’d love a big waterfight. I’m all for flashmob type actions to piss people off. But common sense needs to prevail…

For a start, it seems like people realised that it might be a problem having all the staging still there from the gig the night before the organiser (who apprently is not an organiser because although he calls himself one sometimes the event is not organised) thought it would be fine to carry on and cram it all into the gardens.

But then…

Last year the event went well. Approximately 300 people showed up and had an amazing time in the hot weather without causing any damage to the gardens. The police were present and happy with the event.

This year was organised in exactly the same way. Unfortunately a combination of circumstance beyond the organisers control (the square being closed off) and the actions of a small minority of people, has resulted in some very minor mess and damage to the gardens.

You sit and go on that “a few idiots” turned up and caused damage etc… How surprising with the thing advertised all over facebook. What fucking idiots.

Where were people who would step in and address these “few idiots”. Oh no one saw anything. Of course not.

When you realised the square was blocked of would not the commonsense idea be to rearrange for a more appropriate place or time?

Take the blame like adults. If you organise something and it goes wrong you are responsible. Period.

If, of course, no-one organised anything, ‘cos you think you can claim to have some cutesy little kowtow to the idea of anarchy or something, then everyone who took part shares responsibility. With “social anarchy” (as someone was loving it all with on the Wall) comes social responsibility. Look at the Reclaim the Streets Demo’s in Leeds in the 90s. They had some element of collective responsibility to them. And so they worked. Might have lost some money for the big businesses, but didn’t fuck things up for the man on the street.

But lo and behold, nobody is taking responsibility.

at the end of the day everyone involved with the water fight were there to have fun, none of us went out of our way to damage any of the plants, and to be honest i didn’t see anyone purposfully damaging anything. :/

Anyone else think that’s kinda irrelevant. The fact that you all had fun does not mean a monkeys arse.

For fucks sake stop whining that you’re hard done to and face the music. Then events (and it is an event and this group owner organised it) like this may have some credibility and not be a bunch of kids whining that they’re in trouble…

Running this kind of event takes brains and responsibility. Obviously most of you have neither.

Shame, ‘cos it’s a good idea, which could have be fun. I love the ethos of the event. But like barbecues on the park, sound systems in the streets and so and so on stupidity and lack of common bleeding sense means that controls on what we can and cannot do will just get tighter…


There are…

…forty Scum living in my area.

This Ward : Headingley Ward

Electorate : 12644

Turnout : 19.69%

Surname Forename Votes %Votes Elected Partyname
HANSARD LAWRENCE 40 1.61 British National Party

From the LCC website.

Ok, so it’s only 1.6%. Though overall I think that democracy is a pretty flawed system, it’s what we have. Sadly, at least on a local level, I think it’s time to start putting votes in. As I did, for once.

This turnout of less than 20% is sadly endemic of the area. No one cares. From the political ranting I’ve heard round campus, I refuse to believe that students are so politically inactive. And in any case, Headingley is still about 40% non-student.

God, I can’t believe I’m writing about voter apathy when I mainly agree with Chomsky’s analysis of what democracy actually means.

And not that I condone violence, other than as a last resort (some point I’ll write on my views on antifascism and  last resorts) but I wonder where they live…