It’s one o’clock on a Friday afternoon, worship time at the Mosque. The whole of the streets are chock with taxis and big cars, and one wonders again how a major place of worship was granted planning permission without a car park. I remember the day when a crowd gathered, eating bhaji and barfi brought out on trays by Mr Riaz, to watch a giant crane raise the dome onto the nearly completed building, as the devoted prayed in the street. An old man explained it to me then, how there was a huge backhander to the council, he knew this, because “I know what I know”. Aside from the racist overtones, one has to wonder how there could be backhanders when the Muslim community was down to door to door fund-raising to complete the Mosque, which took nearly 2 years in the making.

After bomb factories and the like, I wonder how much the place is under surveillance. Certainly the atmosphere in LS6 is peaceful in general on that count.

I was woken by Students again last night. On that side of things there seems more tension again. Or maybe it’s more noticeable, as the Student Union is taking the matter in hand. It is hard at times, seeing some people clearly upset.  Maybe they have been here for years, but then it is fair that Headingley has been an area of many students for a generation. Some of us just turn over and cover our ears, and at the weekend we crash their parties.

I was out on Wednesday,  dragging my sciatic left leg as far as Barakas, and then to Jennies flat for behaviour many of the anti-brigade would disagree with. I feel I have some right, these geographies have been mine for much of my adult life. It amuses me though that the students behind felt they should bang on the wall at 10am when they thought I was noisy. Why not 2am, we were as loud then. They would have been out, of course, behaving immoderately in Headingley. And their hangover perhaps not sitting with the fact that whilst I try and respect their peace, outside of the hours of darkness I’ll have sex as loud as I bloody well like.

The number of discarded thongs and empty wine bottles I see outside student flats always amuses me.

I am off out now, for a painful walk to the cashpoint. I wonder what LS6 has to offer today.