“Rioty Riots ‘r Us”

I’m guessing most people are aware of things that have been going on in Hyde Park recently.I’m not going into details about the event. There’s a snippet here if you want it. That’s something I’m not qualified to do as for once that night I had left the confines of LS6 to ogle Vikki Kink with her nipple tassels out, and by the time that a dull sense of unease crept into by semi-concious I was cuddled up in bed with Lucy replete with cherry beer and pear cider (and about £30 lighter from the beer prices in the Adelphi, but that’s by the by).

I’m not going to dwell much on the actions of the police either, the reports of violence, the conspiracies surrounding May-Day riot training, whether missiles were thrown at cop cars, whether a warning was given. This is, as always when the authorities are involved, a matter of competing discourse that will probably never be resolved.

What we know, is that a party was broken up forcefully. People were injured (which the police deny). Akin to an incident around 4 years ago, when a private party in a legally occupied building was stopped in a similar manner, something went wrong.

I will discuss that event briefly. It’s claimed that environmental health were called and were “afraid” to enter. Personally, I doubt this, but that is for them to claim. I was in the foyer of Buckingham House when I heard: “The Police are outside!” Next thing I knew 2 CS canisters came through the door and an evacuation was organised. NTA were given ten minutes to remove their Rig or have it impounded. Outside, two lines of police, with batons had closed Headingley Lane. I rounded up who I could find, and gave my number and address to the Rig Crew as Safe House.

I am not a stranger to the police and their ways. But I will happily admit, that situation scared the fuck out of me. I am not at all surprised that this event in Hyde Park had the same affect on many, and it does seem that the police were more brutal this time.

The student community is up in arms. The Student Revolution Society are jumping on the bandwagon baying for blood and the abolition of the police. There is a co-ordinated effort to bring the police who were violent, who removed their numbers, who screamed racist abuse to justice.

I wish you luck. But sadly I don’t rate your chances.

But I want this to be a wake up call. Gone, maybe, are the days when a friendly WPC will come into an outhouse in Carr Mills, and say “we’ve had a complaint, you know if we get more we’ll be back in vans, but if you can turn it down you can enjoy yourselves a bit longer.”

And I have some things to say to some people:

The title of this ‘blog, comes from the title of an album on FaceBook containing pictures of the Hessle Party. Posted no doubt by some little posh bint, who will no doubt go home and tell all her mates in some Surrey bar that she was in a riot at Uni.

Back in 1995, when this ignorant little cow would have still been in primary school, whilst others of us were struggling to make a living without daddy’s allowance, Hyde Park suffered rioting. There are a number of discussions about the cause, but the most prevalent is that a pub, the Newlands (or by then renamed The Jolly Brewer) was being used by police for surveillance and targeting of the local youth crime problem. The pub was barricaded off with stolen cars and these, and the pub itself were burned. I had recently moved from Hyde Park, though I watched this from a distance and had walked through the area and felt the palpable unease that same day. Though slightly sensationalised and journalistic, I would advise some folk to have a read of a book called Dark Heart, by Nick Davies, which recounts this, along with some of the social problems suffered by this area (which no doubt many students will lamely believe their “gentrifying” presence has solved). When you have don this have a good long think and see if your little brain can attempt to work out why I find this talk of “riots” pretty FUCKING OFFENSIVE.

Worse, if you go to CafePress.com you can get t-shirts saying: “I survived the Hyde Park Riot 4th May 2007”. I’d like to take the capitalist little shit responsible for that and dump them in the middle Hyde Park Road on a certain night in 1995. Lets see if they survive that one.

I would also like to briefly raise issue with the Revolution Society. Though I think many of your ideas are valid, your opportunism disgusts me. Though to be fair I haven’t the energy. Clearly, similarly to Stop The War, and Unite Against Fascism which are largely, as we all know, a little cover for Trots who haven’t the balls to address a cause properly to sell their tabloid SWP shite, it is obvious that your politics are so weak you need a cause to usurp before any sensible person will give you the time of day. But oooh didn’t your spokesperson sound big and hard rattling on about getting arrested as an anti-sweat-shop rally. Was that an H&M hoodie you were wearing? Wear what you want by the way and address your own conscience, I’m not blameless there… …but the irony was sweet.

And as for James Monaghan: “The police care about Hyde Park, don’t worry about any repercussions about filing a complaint. It’s clear that this is a one off problem, nothing like this has happened in this area before.” Matey, you stated openly that you would not live in the constituency you represent because the £100k that your swanky city centre apartment is worth would only get you a 2 bed back to back in the Harolds. Do you care about Hyde Park? It’s clear you have no fucking clue about its history.

Here my vitriol ends. But I have one last thing to say, to the people whose party this was.

I hope you learn from this. I honestly bear you no ill will at all, though please remember that Hyde Park is not a “Student Area”. I say that I hope you learn, as you have shown yourself to be very naive. I would love it if we can have street parties, I would love to live in an area where this wouldn’t cause problems. At weekends, I’d be there and probably wouldn’t even moan about the noise if I wasn’t.

Sadly though, this is not the case. You put on a party that got too big. You put it on in the same block of streets, where 18 months before there was a similar event, that was bloody good fun, but bloody noisy and pissed a lot of people off. Find a field, a quarry, a warehouse where you won’t cause a problem. People have been doing it since before you were born. Sometimes they get raided. Often not. Have a think next time.

You say the police didn’t tell you to turn the system off. That no one could hear the one warning they gave ‘cos of the music. When a cop car drove down through the centre of a ginnel full of people why did you not turn it off yourself? The actions of The Police were, it seems, despicable. But regrettably they often are. You know that now.

If you see this ‘blog, do take note that the mood I have indicated is “sad”. Not angry, though I have expressed anger at some. But not you.

But you need to know one thing. Your naivety is not a crime. But sadly due to it, you share a small part of the blame for the events in Hyde Park in the early hours of May 5th 2007.