LS6 and all that Rubbish

There are times when I do wonder how long I wish to carry on living in this Shit-Hole. No-one get me wrong, I love Hyde Park and I’m prepared to put up with some of the “social problems” because of the fairly rich life-experience I think I get from this place.

Today however I am pissed off. Not with students, feral kids, wide-boys in Ford Focuses (foci?). This is at the council, and the bits of the council who are supposed to ameliorate some of the shit that we have to put up with.

There was a letter through my door today, informing that bulky items had required collecting from the bin-yard, and that they would be patrolling the area weekly ans would take enforcement action under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 if this needed to be repeated. The bulky items in question were two chairs and a table (which I would actually have used for the cellar had the flaps not been painted open.) The offending items were fly-tipped in the bin-yard on Easter Monday by two dodgy looking scrotes in a transit emblazoned with the legend “Antiques and Collectables Warehouse”; I informed the council of this via e-mail.

Some of you may recall a similar incident last summer where a large quantity of building rubble and a bath was dumped. Again I informed the council refuse collection, who responded that they did not collect building waste and that it was my responsibility. I replied that it was not my waste, it is a shared bin-yard and that I have no access to a van and am on a low income, so there was no way I was able (or willing) to deal with this. Their response was that they now had my name as a contact if enforcement action was needed.

I contacted the number on today’s letter where the author, the local community warden told me that this was a letter he had insisted on to belay a worse one from the enforcement team. I shall reserve judgement on this.

Digressing slightly, it seems from the latest LibDem propaganda that the Royal Park School is to remain in community use, possibly as a library and community centre. With a few flats, but not for students. And how exactly will this be regulated one must ask?

This whole student flat thing bugs me. Much as I do hang out with a number of students and tend to crash their parties with monotonous regularity I do kind of feel that Hyde Park is oversaturated. But in things like this I do kind of think that students are going to live in Hyde Park whatever and I’d kind of prefer to see purpose built flats for students rather than what could be good family houses turned into 6 bed HMOs. Especially full of screaming blonde tarts who can’t park their cars other than 16 feet out into the street. At least with purpose built accommodation the issues of parking, sewerage and waste can be dealt with, leading back to the bin-yard fiasco and if things like that can be charged to the landlords on a commercial basis this will lessen the effect of the Council tax deficit. (p.s. and students who read this and complain about student poverty, the income of a student who can be arsed to get off their but and work maybe 10-15 hours a week would not get you council tax benefit, and for those lazy pricks who whinge that they can’t work ‘cos it affects their degree: I work full time and do a degree part time and co-ordiante stewards for a festival and play as a live techno act and go out on the piss as much as most of you AND most of my marks are clear 1sts – how many of you do the 30 hours a week that you are supposed to spend on your studies?)

Anyway, enough vitriol. Last thought, I noticed today a Section 6 Notice on the School. Much as I advocate squatting, I hope that if there is a good community use found for the School the occupants will be sensible if asked to leave.

Does that mean the Old Anarchist is softening?