Thinly Veiled Nonsense

Thank-you lectures! I mean it… Due to lectures I have manage to avoid going to a seminar on the bloody business of the right to wear a veil.

Right: I totally support everyone’s right to dress how they like when then like. However, there are times when it is necessary, if society will not accept your style of dress to either:

  • take yourself to the margins of society, descend into subculture and accept that you can’t have everything everything you want if you dress funny.
  • change your style of dress to accommodate the society you live in, or,
  • bugger off and find a society that accepts you.

Now, for anyone who thinks I’m being in any way racist here, I would like to draw your attention to the word “everyone”. The one that I emboldened. Personally I would like to exercise my human right to have kept my red ponytail down to my arse, have far more piercings, and wear even more combat and leather than I do now. However, at about the age of 21 it did dawn on me that unless I seriously improved my bass playing or graphic design skills I would be likely to have a very good future working (at best) in alternative clothing shops on minimum wage…

Really sorry, but the fact that you think your style of dress was demanded by someone who had enough of the gift of the gab that people still believe what he said 1500 years ago, (and may have been divinely inspired – but is equally likely to have been on a power-trip, or high on some of the delightful herbage they grow round those parts) matters not one hoot. I personally believe that the great pterodactyl Zragflargle instructs all his followers of the great religion of Gash (of which I am devoutly one) to go around with a split beaver tattooed on their forehead and wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the word “Cunt”. However my boss doesn’t and at present I kinda like my monthly cheque.

Basically, if you don’t look like THEY want, then tough shit Sugar. Complain ’till you’re blue in the face but maybe it’s the Niqab or the job.

Sorry. I sympathise. But this is the way of the Big Bad World.