Moody Arsed Bastid

I feel shit. I’ve got a cold and my back aches and my guts playing funny fuckers. And it’s cold. And pissing it down – not even “April showers” all replete with rainbows and bunnies and daffodils and other shite that in this mood I’m only going to describe as “ghey”* – but drizzly, sleety dampness washing all the lead dust and car gunk of the slates and watering down the student-sick and discarded doners into a general pukey mush.

Yes I’m gonna have a fucking whinge. Particularly as I am going to have to go to work tomorrow regardless… For fucks sake I broke my fucking back and it plays up and I took 6 weeks off last summer, get your fucking head above the numbers and look at the fucking situation.

Seriously though, what is it about this culture that when you are ill you take a magic pill that hides the symptoms and get on with it? I mean, believe it or not I don’t actually take to my bed the moment I get a sniffle, but if I think that doing things is gonna prolong my ill-health in the long run I want to stay at home where I have easy access to my bed, the TV and hot sweet tea. And where there are no fucking whinging students who probably are the ones breathing their germs everywhere anyway after their end of term snog-fest in Oceana.

I do however seem to get ill more recently… Probably due to the aforementioned students, but I reckon it’s also down to leading a more healthy life. A shade under 10 years ago I was eating junk food, running a ridiculous amphetamine habit and drinking upwards of 75 units a week. And I was never fucking ill. Eh?

Ok, I only have a sample size of one to base this on, but hey kids, living healthily fucks you up.

But back to the effects of being ill – lets get sociological. Illness is a form of deviance, and when we are ill we are expected to take on the “sick role” which gives us a certain exemption from our normal social role (student, advice worker, fuckhead, musician) to use myself as an example, but also holds the social expectation that we have to wish to get better. So we place ourselves under the expertise of the doctor who manages our admittance to this role, but who’s knowledge provides us the means to fulfil our obligations(Parsons 1951). Now of course Parsons viewed this as all well and good and necessary for the smooth functioning of the social system (as certain tutors of mine delight in reminding me when insisting I can’t bring anything vaguely related to Anarchy into the debate “because that’s Politics and this is a Sociology seminar.” So I guess here we have to give a little bit of time to the neo-Marxists, who astutely point out that this places the Doctor in a position that ultimately ensures the continuance of the capitalist machine by getting sick people back to work (Navarro 1986). Though of course there is a certain lack of agreement as to whether Doctors are aligned with the Bourgiousie or the Proletariat and to be fair Marx himself didn’t really have a lot to say about health being too busy sponging of the Engels textile empire whilst trying to plan his revolution. But of course there are those who just have to bring Marx into everything…

What’s possibly more pertinent to my current feelings on the matter is the way that as well as telling us that we can’t be sick, ‘cos the big machine needs our labour is the way that the world just aches for us to have some nice little socially acceptable and totally amenable to treatment type ailment to make a fortune for the drugs companies. Cholesterol seems to have been a recent one… Pop into Holland and Barrett and pay £8 to have a needle stuck in your finger and here’s some amazing wonder-margarine that’ll make it all better. For fucks sake, why don’t you just eat less fried eggs? Diabetes seems to be the next one – and possibly more stupid as this is a real problem for real sufferers, but every fucking chemist on the high-street seems to want to provide you with a list of symptoms (most of them endemic of an unhealthy additive loaded diet) so that you can… …wait for it… …pay £8 to stick a needle in your finger and tell you to eat the kind of food that you should be eating anyway if you have any common bleeding sense. And Viagra and HRT. I like the idea that I’m not gonna peg it at 40 like we used to as much as anyone, but to be fair, your hormones playing havok and your dick stopping working when you pass the age when it’s normal to carry on sowing your oats or dropping sprogs is probably normal. We just notice it ‘cos we live longer. So at what point does medicine become un-natural?

This has now brought up a new dilemma… Can I be a Transhumanist and an Anarchist at the same time? I love the idea that human evolution is potentially something that goes beyond biology, just think about transferring your mind to a new home of metal, or even into the very fabric of space… …but like everything, any attempt to try and surpass the boundaries of what we currently are as humans brings up the question qui bono? And what about eugenics, grey goo and various other worrying prospects.

I’m not even gonna attempt to tackle that one now, just carry on feeling shite!

* note trendy spelling that exonerates one from accusations of homophobia… …apparently.