Slightly Pissed Rant about Party Politics

OK… So what am I to do?

Had a (very posh, professionally done) flyer through the door last Wednesday from James Monahgan “exposing” Labour’s lies about Headingley.

Had a (more yellow, less expensively printed) flyer through the door tonight exposing the Lib Dem’s lies about Headingley.

Oh, but “Labour”, “The Greens”, and “The Tories” are in coalition (according to Wednesday’s effort)…

Oh, Oh No, I’m wrong… apparently as of tonight “The Lib Dem’s”, “The Greens”, and “The Tories” are in coalition…

So far (FTR) I’ve told both of them that a)- The Confidentiality of a man’s vote is his ultimate privilege, and b)- I might appreciate your policies if they’re not tied up in one party.

Oh Fuck, what’s a man to do….

All party Politics is a load of unmitigated WANK!

But, Katherine Mitchell isn’t un-fit… …so if she gets her tits out…